Live Laugh Love

We are the kind of people who would love to have you and your family over for dinner. We love good food, good wine and good company. We are a family business started by me—Tanya Driscoll and my husband Brendan. We've always had a bit of a creative flair, but what really inspires us is the kind of joy that comes from sharing good times with others. It was on one of these beautiful nights that I got inspired to create Glitz Coasters.

We all love the good things in life, but often they can be so distracting that we forget about the delicate vessels in our hands. Wine drips or leaves rings on the table, or there may even be scratches and broken glass involved. We don't want that in our lives! We just want to add a bit of bling.

We live in Magenta, of the Central Coast of NSW with our two beautiful children. Of course there are many extraordinary restaurants and events and people down here who we all love, but all-in-all, we like to maintain a positive attitude on life. You should never regret anything in life. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's an experience. The main thing is that you share it with your friends. Cheers!