This blog is a collection of the great times and the great people we have met, centred around food, wine and Glitz Coasters.

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More great times with friends and family

Coffee is fun with Glitz

A gallery of Glitz

Glitz Coasters are made from a water-resistant felt material that is soft to touch and light to carry around. They are bejewelled in a design that is glamorous, but never over the top. And, they come in a range of colours to suit any occasion. From luxurious gold to girly pink to sophisticated black. Whether you are drinking red wine, white wine, champagne or coffee, they are a must-have.

White wine with Glitz Coaster Glitz coasters. White wine. Martini with gold Glitz coaster Coffee espresso coaster. Glass coaster. Central Coast bar with champagne on coaster Red felt wine coaster to stop drips and breakages White wine BYO coaster for a night out clubbing Clubs NSW Glitz Coaster special event Martini cocktail coaster. Prevents spills. Sparkling wine coaster in Magenta, NSW

Friends and Family

Sydney holiday wine on coaster Sydney party wine coasters Holiday with friends and wine Blue cocktail mixed drink on coaster Husband with wine in hand and BYO coaster Holiday resort with BYO wine coaster. You can bring these coasters on holiday with you Friend at holiday resort with wine on one of our coasters Sparkling wine on blue felt coaster with jewels Sydney bar Rosé wine coaster Some drinks with friends, bringing our favourite coasters of course Great night when you have some glitz With friend drinking white wine at a restaurant Very nice Sangria cocktail with the husband Dinner with mum at contemporary restaurant Tropical cocktail with husband at hotel Friend drinking dry white with lilac wine coaster Central Coast NSW bar with wine and silver coaster Friend holding a berry Martini with Glitz Coaster on it Friends saying cheers with dry white wine Silver wine coaster at a house party

Wedding Expo at The Entrance Lakehouse Restaurant

What a spectacular expo! There is so much that goes into the dream wedding, and we hope that our coasters are a nice finishing touch.

Wedding exposition coaster packs Tanya and a fiancee Glitz Coasters wedding expo banner Tanya and to-be newlyweds Tanya and friend and Glitz Coasters banner Tanya with her BYO wine coasters Champagne coaster. Felt fabric coaster. Wine coaster Central Coast NSW


Glitz Coasters at a formal occasion