Glitz Coasters

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It's Glitz

Glitz Coasters are the stylish way to brighten up your next dinner party, wedding or any occasion. They’re the BYO coaster that adds a glamorous touch to your glass of wine or any type of glass.

So what are Glitz Coasters? They’re the new stylish coasters that have got so much bling they should be an ornament. They are an accessory that slips onto the bottom of your wine glass, preventing spills and breakages. You can carry them around anywhere, and of course they make perfect gifts.

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Life should not only be lived,
it should be celebrated

This is a quote that inspires me, and it’s the kind of inspiration that created Glitz Coasters. My name’s Tanya Driscoll, and I’m passionate about food, wine and a little bit of bling in my life. These coasters are for other girls who like celebrating their lives, and who are always looking for ways to add a little bit of glitz.


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Design is our passion, and we have crafted a range of colours and styles that will enliven any occasion. From the hot pink coaster of a girl's night out, to the formal black coaster—perfect for a wedding or special event.

We ship across the whole of Australia, with many of our customers located in Sydney, the Central Coast, and also locally in Gosford, Terrigal, Wamberal and Kincumber.

All of our coasters are made with a glittery felt that is soft to touch. And it is water-resistant, for easy use.